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So you are thinking of selling your home. Do not worry; this process is not as painful as you might think. Especially with the services of a well qualified Realtor such as me. Here are some steps you will take so that you will be more informed of the process when you give me a call.

1) Why did you buy this home? One of the first questions that I ask sellers before putting their home on the market is. The reason for that is that the reason you bought this home is more than likely the reason the next buyer will pull the trigger. We should make sure that we highlight that feature in the sale.

2) CMA. Before putting your home on the market we will go through past sales in your area and get a good idea of the market value of your home. Staging. Not all homes need staging but it helps if your home is vacant. Buyers sometimes need visual stimulation when looking at your house.

3) Pre-inspection. If you home is older in age then it make be adventitious of you to get a pre-inspection. The purpose of this is to find out problems with the home and remedy them before a buyer does.

4) Landscaping. I cannot stress enough the importance of landscaping. The curb appeal of a home as I pull up with buyers can make or break a deal before they even enter the home.

5) Kitchen and baths. Anything that can be done to spruce up kitchen and baths is huge in the sale of your home. Buyers look for things like newer darker appliances, solid surface counter tops, abundant cabinet space and quality flooring.

6) Light, light, light! Don't block out the light! Make sure you always have curtains and your window blinds open at all times so that light floods into each room.

7) Smell. Our sense of smell is one of our highest senses. When I am showing potential buyers homes and we walk in to a foul smell the mood instantly heads south no matter what condition the home is in.

8) Cleaning your home. Seems like an obvious statement but some people's theory of clean is different than others. It would be smart to invest a couple hundred dollars to a cleaning company to go through and professionally clean your home.

When you are ready to sell your home I hope that some of these key steps will help you get a good idea of the process of selling your home. Of course give me a call at any time with any further questions on this topic. I look forward to working with you and to helping you get your most precious investment sold!

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