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Buying a home is a wonderful time in most people's lives. It will more than likely be one of your biggest investments as well. As a full-time well qualified real estate agent, I am here to make sure you navigate the home buying process as smoothly and as accurately as possible.

Here a couple of suggestions that I personally have for most of my buyers before we decide to make an offer on any home.

Visit the home at various times of the day. - Not only do you want to make sure your home does not see more traffic than you are willing to deal with but you also need to make sure that noises at different parts of the day around your potential home are not louder at different times of the day than others. You also want to get a feel for the neighborhood in the evenings and weekends and make sure it is an atmosphere that you are comfortable with.

How do the neighbors take care of their home? - Believe it or not, how well your neighbors take care of their homes will have an effect on yours. You always want to make sure your neighbor does not like to work on his loud Harley all the time and that you have a pleasant view while driving down your street.

If I lost my job tomorrow how hard would it be to sell this house? - One of the things that I always go over with my buyers is the tough question of "if I needed to sell this home fast is it the type of home that could sell easily?" You cannot always tell the future on how well a home will sell, but as long as you do a thorough CMA (Current Market Analysis) and follow these simple buyer's rules then you should be in better shape than if you didn't.

Buyers CMA - One of the benefits of working with me as your Realtor is what is called a Buyers CMA (Current Market Analysis) What I do with this process is to give you a standard estimate of your potential homes market value before you even make an offer. This is important so that you will have a basis to go from when making that initial offer.

Covenants and restrictions - Before you even make an offer on that new house you should always make sure that you go over all Covenants and Restrictions for the neighborhood.

Contract conditions - Our local Missouri Association of Realtors contracts are set up to protect you as the buyer with some of the following conditions.

1) Clear Title: Clear Title is assured to make sure there are no lean or encumbrances on the property when you take possession.

2) Inspection: You will want to make sure you get a whole house and termite inspection before purchasing an real estate.

3) Sellers Disclosure: A six page document that explains everything that the home owner did while they lived in the potential home.

4) Financing contingency: This contingency assures that you will effectively be able to obtain financing for the house.

5) Final Walk Through: Before you close on your new home we will conduct a final walk though of the property to make sure any inspection items were fixed and that the home is in good shape.

6) Appraisal: This is an important contingency due to the fact that you want to make sure you home is worth what you are paying for it!

Following these simple rules of buying a home and others that I will walk you through should insure that your biggest life investment is a safe and secure one.

So, if you are looking for a new home in the central Missouri area, make sure you give me a call and we will get started on finding you the home of your dreams!

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